Municipal elections

These are the 10 Volt candidates that want to bring a positive and progressive voice to the municipality. Will one of them get your vote?

1. Erik Kemp

2. Linda Wissink

3. Oscar Escobosa Bosman

4. Iris Allijn

5. Luc Blokhuis

6. Elize Hulscher

7. Thomas Hazewindus

8. Anna Kaal

9. Dick Schlüter

10. Michelle Meijer

Frequently asked question about voting

Q: When can you vote?

The municipal elections will take place at March16 2022.

Q: How can you vote?

Voting can be done by going to a polling station near you on March 16. Don't forget your voting pass and ID!

Q: Where can you vote?

You can vote at a polling station near you. Click here for the list of locations.

Q: What requirements do I have to meet to vote?

You must meet the following requirements to vote:

You are 18 years or older;

You are registered in the municipality of Enschede;


You are European: you have the nationality of a country that is a member of the European Union;


You do not have European nationality, but you have been living in the Netherlands for at least 5 years.

Q: Why is it important to vote?

Voting for the city council is important, because the city council makes decisions that directly affect you, Enschede and the rest of the region. We attach great importance to direct democracy and voting is the first step in this.

Do you want to get a reminder when you have to vote?

From Volt we can remember a few days in advance by means of an email.

You can subscribe here.


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The team in Enschede consists of many more people than only the candidates. We have a for example a board, a policy team, campaign and activity committees. If you want to know more, click this link to read about the different teams.