Our story

Volt in Enschede

Volt will participate in the municipal elections in Enschede! But what can a European movement do in a municipality? Well, we can let your voice be heard! In your village, in your municipality, in the Netherlands and in Europe. We are part of a big progressive international network and bring the Volt European way of thinking to Enschede.

If you vote Volt, you vote for...

… more nuance

Many politicians sell fear. Fear for others, fear for change and fear for Europe. But fear has never been the engine of progress. Fear only leads to stagnation. But who dares to dream, can move mountains. Volt believes that it is time for a new generation of politics. It is time for nuance, ambition and connection.


We make a connection with the citizens of Enschede, the society in which we live and with the future. We want a more active community, with equal opportunities and shared happiness. Conversation should be central. We stay positive and don't look at differences but try to find each other in commonalities. That way, we want to restore trust in the municipality, politics and the society.

a new generation of politics

We have tried to solve the problems of now with ideas of yesterday for far too long. It is time for new ideas that fit in the 21st century. This means be open for collaboration and a strong, effective European union. It means listening to all generations and invest in young people.

… European thinking, act locally

The challenges like lack of housing, the energy transition or the corona crisis are challenges that the whole of Europe has to deal with. Cooperation across boarders is a key value of Volt. We import the best ideas from Europe and apply them to Enschede to make our municipality better.

Volt Twente
Volt Enschede is a part of Volt Twente, an active group of people with different backgrounds, different origin and age. Volt Twente has about 250 members at the moment. The organization was founded in 2018 and is still growing.